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Our products and services for Shippers

Send Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

We are a team of trusted professionals who are dedicated to revolutionising the traditional logistic industry with technological advancements. We aim to make hyperlocal delivery convenient, hassle-free and inexpensive and we are committed to our goal. In the next few years, we plan to be a part of your daily lives. We have made our application very simple yet impressive in terms of usability. Manage all your shipments on one smart and convenient platform. Locate the available vehicles across India without any requirement to make multiple phone calls and monitor your shipment at every mile. Our machine learning algorithms connect you with the most suitable fleet operator at any given point of time depending on your source, destination, material to be shipped and other details. Whether you want to shift your goods or household items, we are there at your services, always.

Competitive Pricing

Find vehicles at a competitive price for your shipments, so that your business can save cost and time

Exceptional Pan India Service

We operate out of 300+ locations with 100,000+ vehicles on the platform to ensure instant availability of vehicles and timely placement of your shipment

Hassle-Free End-to-End Freight Management

Manage your entire freight requirement optimally with our comprehensive range of services and, fast and reliable support at every step

Unique Tracking Solutions

Have real-time visibility on the progress of your shipment till the last mile with our advanced vehicle monitoring systems

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Our products and services for Delivery Partners

Find and book daily loads for your fleet with ease, along with fair and transparent pricing. Attach your vehicles with ykExprezz and ensure higher vehicle utilization that helps you to earn more. An efficient route planning helps optimise time and reduce fuel expenses of your fleet.

Daily Loads across India

Presence in over 300 locations to help you view and book loads every day, and at the right price

Fast Payment Settlements

Instant advance on trips and fast payment settlements for every single load

Ease of Operations

Fast loading and unloading by the operations team to ensure that your vehicle is constantly on the move

Quick Issue Resolution

Quick and effective resolution process for all in-transit issues so that your business never stops

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